NNU Income Review: How to make upto N50,000 Online Monthly (+ Payment Proof)

NNU Income started running from July 2017 and since then, it has been awesome. The first payout was pushed out August 2017, one year ago. And since then, payment is being pushed out on a monthly basis. This program has really been helpful to Nigerian students and people who are looking for ways to make money online.

A lot of Nigerians have really benefited and still benefiting from this and some people have keyed into this business mostly the affiliate system by making it their steady monthly add-on salary. How cool! If you are not part of NNU community yet, you are missing big time. The interesting part of this program is that, its not a quick rich scheme like others. You are rewarded for being part of us and get updated, learn and earn with our topnotch articles, facts and interesting contents.


Reason 1. NNU Income is one of its kind, a news AGRT website that pay members / users/ readers for visiting and contributing to news content. It’s powered by a registered business in Nigeria under CAC. We share our ads revenue with our active readers monthly.

All we have seen in the past are fake scam sites that run for a while and close down later. This is one of the reasons you should join NNU Income. Its reliable, sustainable and profitable.

Reason 2. You earn money when you login to your NNU account, read news update and interesting post daily.

Reason 3. You get informed with daily update across the country. Not only that, we provide you with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know. You can be rest assured that you will always see something to read even from featured post section anytime you logon to NNU.

Reason 4. You earn money by contributing comment on issues (Reasonable and relevant comment) and also create forum topics on the website.

Reason 5. You earn money when you share our sponsored post on Facebook. We assign sponsored post to members on daily basis which they can share on Facebook and also earn for it.

Reason 6. Best of all, you earn a huge 62.5% affiliate commission (1k per referral). I mean you earn N1,000 per each of your friends and family you introduce to NNU community.

Reason 7. Referring people is optional and you must not refer before you earn and get paid (Terms and condition applied). So its up to you if you want to earn and get paid faster and bigger, then introduce few among your friends, because its easy and convincing.

Reason 8. Registration fee / purchasing NNU Income Pack is very very affordable with just N1,600 (zero risk)

Reason 9. The founder and the people behind NNU Income is a Nigerian and a trusted entrepreneur who has already made a good living online and have run a successful network marketing in the past which is still running including Coolnaira network and others.

NNU Income Payment Proof

I joined the program early june and decided to test the program to see if it truly pays. Believe when I say that the system is working. Below is my alert for the last 2 months I’ve partaken. 

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As a participant, In NNU INCOME PROGRAM, you have many options to earn more money to your bank account every month with NNU.

When you login to your account daily on NNU and spend at least 5-10 minutes on the website browsing and reading news, you earn 50 naira.

  • N50*30days= N1500


You Earn While you Comment On Posts on the site, You earn #2 per comment and you can comment as much as you Can (On different posts). Lets say you comment on 50 posts daily.

  • N2*50 posts * 30days = N3000


You Earn while sharing news/post on NNU to your facebook and twitter account! Sponsored Post Is Given Daily On Each Member’s Dashboard To share to facebook & twitter Daily. You Earn  N100 on Each Sponsored post shared.

  • N100*30days = N3000

Aside all these, you can also earn Extra N1000 On each person you register through your link, if you register let’s say 1 person daily that’s N1000 daily plus other earnings.

  • N1k *30days = 30k

For every article you source or compose for NNU or a compelling forum topic you create you get N100. Let’s say you posted 20 of such per month.

  • 20 * N100 = N2000


  • N1500 + N3000 + N3000 + 2000 = N9500
  • WITH REFERRAL 30K + 9500 = N39500

Earning activities amount are not limited to the above mentioned. And is totally dependent on the amount of work you are willing to put in place. Overall calculation is done monthly and shared among all active members. Payment is disbursed on the 27th of every month.!!


Registration fee is N1600. A one time payment. To avoid unnecessary mistakes from new users, we have created a WhatApp group chat that will guide you through the registration process. Follow this LINK to join our group chat.
Alternatively, If you prefer to register by yourself, 
  • Click HERE to goto the official website.
  • On the registration page, fill in your correct details, on the referral box, enter gyrationtechs as referral if not already inputted.
  • Select coupon code as mode of payment
  • NB: You need to buy the coupon code prior to filling the registration form. To get yours contact us via call, sms, or whatsapp on 07016353799.
  • After getting the coupon code, proceed to complete your registration, your account will be activated instantly.
  • Login to your account, click on edit account, fill in your correct details  >> click on save
  • Go to payment settings and fill in your correct bank details (this will be used to send money to your account)
  • In case you need help with anything, contact me via whatsapp on 07016353799.. Or join our support group 


What Does NNU Stands For?
NNU is an acronym of Nigerian News Update. A news publication platform that selflessly shares her revenue with active users, validated and eligible members (NNU Income).

What Does NIP or NIP Package Means?
NIP means NNU Income Program. It’s the program through which NNU shares her revenue with validated and eligible members. NIP Pack or package is a virtual product pack which user purchased in the form on application of becoming a validated members of which members also earns commission from.

Who Are Validated And Eligible Members?
Validated and eligible members are active users that have successfully registered for NIP (i.e NNU income program) through the payment of subscription fee of N1,600, otherwise called NNU Income pack purchase. To become a subscriber, you must purchase NNU Income package which cost N1,600 and partake in NNU activities and also an affiliate. See full FAQs here

NNU Income is very straight forward, easy and understandable you don’t need any extra knowledge to participate. To join the moving train, follow this link to join our group chat.

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