Npower Batch C: How to Perform Biometric Enrollment Easily, FAQ

If you are an NPower Batch C applicant, who previously logged into the N-Power/NASIMS website, and got the congratulatory message, but cannot access the website anymore due to network issues on the N-Power website or traffic congestion on the N-Power portal, hence stopping you from performing your N-Power biometric fingerprint capture enrollment/verification.

This is what to do, an NPower Batch C applicant can bypass the NASIMS/N-Power portal by going directly to the NASIMS/N-Power biometric page, by visiting this link

The N-Power Batch C applicant should install the software, using a laptop or computer at any cybercafe, and complete the N-Power biometric fingerprint capture enrollment.

Please the N-Power Batch C applicant, should ensure that the cybercafe has the fingerprint sensor in place, before installation.

Note: If an N-Power Batch C applicant, has all the facilities; laptop, and fingerprint scanner at home, the N-Power Batch C applicant can complete the N-Power biometric process at the comfort of his or her doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions About NASIMS Biometric Capture

Transaction Failed:

Are you getting the message saying Transaction Failed? Don’t worry just wait a little time or try at night.

It’s just a network. You can put on your VPN and try again., Not Opening

As thousands of Nigerians are trying to get their fingerprint captured or carry out their Biometric enrollment the system will be slow or not respond for some time.

You just have to be patient a little while you try it at night.

 What I mean here is that the best time to do this is at night.

What Device Can I use for Npower Biometric Enrollment

You first have to download the software. Then you need to make use of your computer or laptop.

The Good news is that you can do it with your laptops as far as it has a fingerprint scanner or fingerprint sensor feature.

Can I make use of Android or iPhone for Npower Biometric enrollment?

No, you can’t make use of your Android phone or even iPhone even as they have fingerprint sensors where you can place your hand on.

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