Propeller Ads: An Alternative to Google AdSense

Many bloggers tend to go crazy and become frustrated when the get declined by Google AdSense, thinking it’s the only way of making money with their blogs. The truth is that there are numerous ways in which you can earn extra money from your blog. I am going to share with you guys an alternative to Google AdSense in which their requirement is not as difficult as that of Google ads, you just need to own a blog and have some contents in it. 

                Introducing propeller ads, Propeller Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers.  A fast growing Ads network, that maximize your income by monetizing global web and mobile traffic across all devices and platforms with High eCPM (effective cost per millie) rates. 

  The good thing about propeller Ads is that sites with subdomain can apply and get approved, and their criteria is easy to pass. Publishers participate on a revenue share model where they receive 80% of the revenue generated by their inventory.

 Publishers are paid on Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received. Minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers (if the balance is lower the amount is carried to the next payment circle).

Types Of Ads Format Supported By PropellerAds
  • 120×600 Skyscraper
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper
  • 468×60 Full Banner
  • 300×250 in video banners
  • Interstitials ads
  • Catfish ads
  • Slider ads
  • Layers
  • Pop-unders
  • Video pre-rolls
  • Site skins

   How can I Join Propeller Ads?

1.       Login to their website by clicking Here
2.       Register as a publisher and fill all required filled correctly
3.       Verify your website and start making money
Take advantage of this opportunity and stop frustrating yourself over Google Ads. Join Propeller Ads today and reap the fruit of your blogging career

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