Sad: Say Goodbye To WhatsApp On Blackberry OS Devices

It’s unfortunate blackberry users have no other option than to ditch out their lovely baby because i believe no one would be happy using a smartphone with no support for WhatsApp.

Even the owners of Blackberry has disowned their Operating System so why are you still boasting with a BB. Fast forward it to now – the Blackberry OS is now an outdated tech that no one would even accept if given freely as android has beaten it hands down.

From numerous applications to choose from to easy customization and tweaking… Android is just dope. Since the beginning of this year, news has spread of the disabling of WhatsApp on Blackberry devices and some took it serious while others neglected it but right now, the warning is increasingly uncomfortable for BB users. To see if this is true, just try and update your WhatsApp if you are using a Blackberry device and see whether it will work again.

The official statement says that by 31st December 2016, Whatsapp will be completely disabled on all devices running on Blackberry OS.

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