See Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice As Fast

At times I ask myself if we could survive a day without our various smartphone. We all love our devices, for different and so many reasons. Smartphone technology has really helped in many ways. Some of us enjoy playing games with out smartphone, while others prefer to be on Facebook, taking selfie, chatting and surfing the net. What ever your reason was for buying your device, I’m sure it is serving you right.

The major setback in smartphone design in the battery dept. Some phones have turned to desktop device, meaning you can only access them when connected to a power supply. The only explanation is that the battery is dead. Although it is said that nothing lasts forever, sometimes we also gear up the draining process of our smartphone batteries without necessarily knowing. Well in this post we will be sharing the top reasons why your smartphone battery drains twice as fast.


1. Engaging Your Phone While Charging
This is one of the top reason why your battery don’t last any longer, playing game, music or surfing the internet while charging your cell phone reduces the cell strength of your battery.
Quick Tip: Always allow your device complete its charging before using it.

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2. Using Fake Power Banks or killer USB Cord
In our world today, the rate at which fake products are been manufactured is becoming alarming. Annoyingly, differentiating such products from the original is becoming rather hard. There are tons of fake power banks circulating in the local market. Not only will fake power bank destroy your smartphone battery life , it will also leave you with slow charging problem or your phone not charging at all.

Tips on How To Know a Fake Power Banks
✔ Often Chinese in nature.
✔ They comes in adulterated name brand like BMW, HP , Infinix, which is not directly endorsed by these companies.
✔ Their power capabilities is highly overhyped.
✔ Often very cheap.

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3. Removing Your Battery Too Often
You might not really notice this, But you may confirm that in a dark room or at night. Each time you remove your smartphone battery, there is a little spark that emanate from the battery terminals this reduces the cellphone battery. Imagine removing your Battery like ten times a day? You wouldn’t want to dare that again right. Perhaps, that is why smartphone companies are adopting the Built-in Battery concept for their Latest Designs.

4. Using a Desktop/Universal Charger
Desktop chargers are made to be use in case of emergency or when battery is extremely dead, its not directly endorsed by the phone manufacturer and its off specification of your phone brand. It may come with high voltage or low voltage because most of them lack a good voltage regulator.

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5. Charging Your Phone on a High Voltage or low Voltage Power Source
Charging Your Phone with a high or under voltage power frequency is very bad for your battery health. This is because Chargers come with voltage rating. Most times designed to transform power supply voltage from 220V – 12V. In an event you are receiving higher/lower than the specified Range, it could be hazardous to the Charger and the phone itself. Its not advisable to use power generating set to charge Your battery. As steady electric frequency is not guaranteed.

In conclusion, All these are some of the unseen causes of Massive draining of smartphone battery. However, regular usage of your device slowly reduces the battery capacity of the smartphone. So in other words, reduction in the rate at which we use our devices can help a lot if you intend to maintain to some extent the battery capacity of your phone.

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