Simple Trick on How to Save Instagram Videos To your phone (No website Needed)

On Instagram loads of videos are being uploaded on the platform, and most often, the videos uploaded stream automatically even when we don’t want them to play. This result in high data usage + the video will not save on your device. Users 👥 often wonder if it’s actually possible to download and save the videos The stream on Instagram. Well! The answer is a big YES.

There are actually quite a number of ways and tools available online in which one can achieve this. But in today’s post, I’ll show you guys a simple trick I use to save Instagram videos to my device storage (offline), without much stress. So, if you’ve been searching for ways to download videos on Instagram, then I’m happy to tell you that your search has finally come to an end.

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Note: This trick has only been tested on Android OS However, if you operate on other platform, you can put for the online method of downloading Instagram video. Without further Ado, let’s get straight to the main aim of this post.


If you have an Android smartphone, you don’t even need to use any fancy websites or third-party apps. Every Instagram video you watch is saved onto your mobile, but deletes after a short period of time. To locate the videos…

✔ Go to your Android file manager, Navigate to Android folder > Data > > Cache > Videos

✔ A list of file will be displayed with .clean file extension > Select any one, then rename the file extension to .mp4

✔ The renamed file is now converted to a video which could be watched using any video player

✔ Repeat the process to save all videos you watched on Instagram. After which you can now filter out the ones you don’t like.

✔ The videos are listed in reverse order; the most recent one you watched will be top of the list.

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That’s it on the simple trick I use to save Instagram videos to my device, very straight forward. However, If working with your file manager sounds like too much work, Android users can find an abundance of specialist apps in the Google Play Store.


1. One of the most popular is Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download or repost videos or from both Instagram and Vine with a single tap. The content is automatically added to your phone’s Gallery app.

Since the most recent update, the app can even download the tags that accompany the videos.

Download: Video Downloader for Instagram

2. PostGraber
PostGraber differs from a lot of the other web-based Instagram downloader tools. Whereas most of them can only grab one piece of content per post, PostGraber can download all the photos and videos that are associated with a single post.

All you need is the URL of the Instagram post you want to download. You can get it on the mobile app by going to … > Copy Link, or from the browser’s address bar on the web app.

Paste the URL into the box on the PostGraber website and click Go. The web app will take care of the rest.
(Note: This app only works with public Instagram posts.)

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Above are other methods to use and download Instagram videos to your phone storage, although using an online tool works on virtually all platform, the only disadvantage is that is consumes extra data.

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