The New Airtel 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500 Data Plan Finally,

Airtel introduces another mouth-watering package for their users. As known, the game is still on, and Nigeria’s internet service providers are battling so hard to attract more subscribers to their end. This internet package is a better alternative to the recently introduced GLO data plans.
Airtel network seems to be a little bit trick-ish on this their new package, as the plan can only run on a 2G network. This entails that, even if you’re having the best network coverage in your area, the package would still run only on 2G connectivity. They’re pretty aware that users would definitely rush the offer and take a huge advantage of the package, and that’s the reason Airtel is restricting us to 2G network on usage.
Now, let me put it this way, if you’re a big fan of huge file downloads, I’m sorry to let you know that with this package, it’s a big NO NO… except you’re ready to spend the whole day downloading huge files under a 2G network.
Anyways, this plan is still the best choice for social media freaks and other dudes that wish to use it for some regular browsing… lets skip the chit chat and go straight to the
subscription process.
How to subscribe for the New Airtel Data package?

To subscribe for this new Airtel plan, simply dial *482# for the and select your choice of plan from the onscreen command shown on your device.
The 2GB data is limited for 14days and that of the 6GB data is limited for 28days.
At least, for those of you making use of GLO, complaining of bad network coverage in your area, you can simply switch to Airtel and enjoy the benefits using this package.

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