Things you need to know before starting a your career in blogging (top 5)

Most people who venture into blogging or intend to join do so without knowing the essentials and things to do in order to succeed as a blogger. This articles covers 5 basic things to know before starting a blog. In my previous tutorials I made you to understand How to start blogging for free. But before all these when you decided to start your own blog you need to ask yourself few questions. Especially for newbies starting blogging career these instructions or tips are necessary to know before you start a blog which in turn makes you successful. Starting a blog is not enough you need to know each and every tactic which increases chance of getting success. In this post for my questions or tips your equalizing answers will judge your knowledge and abilities. A single question can change your blogging career. Stay with me till the ending. Are you ready to take a step and move ahead? Here I go with my first question.Image result for Images on blogging tips

Top 5 tips for blogging beginners before you start a blog

1. Purpose of my Blog:

When you start thinking of molding your career in blogging question yourself why ? The below cited questions will show an expensive impact on your blogging career and takes you to success bow.Why I am Starting Blog ?
What you intend to give for your audience ?
What do you get by doing this ?Remember deeds with weak or no purpose will definitely get drowned somewhere. Same applies for blogging.

2. Blogging with Passion :

Blogging is nothing but introducing your identity to the rest of the world. Applying smart techniques along with introducing your identity will not only show you to the world but fetches your pocket with some decent money. Present bloggers are only passionate towards earnings from blogging. There are several bloggers blogging for only money. Never commit or attract for such wrong things. If your work is genuine with passion definitely your blogging career will definitely shine.  Don’t just start a blog because you want to make money. Are you starting blog for money??

3. Blogging as Full time or Part time:

Never start blogging as a Full time job. Start your own blog as a part time ie doing any other jobs. Later when you get successful in blogging then it’s your wish to choose blogging as full time. Even the most successful bloggers from Nigeria like Linda Ikeji,, started blogging career as part time and took it as full time after gaining enough confidence to combat in the world of digital marketing.

4. What is my Blog Niche?

Most crucial step in blogging is to find a good niche for blog. Think wide, conduct some research and find some reliable niche to your blog. If your niche has exclusive demand on World Wide Web you can expect good publicity of your blog. Niche related to Technology, Business, Review writings, Marketing will stand out your blog from millions of blogs.
Quick tip : Choose Niche on Problem solving. That is, How to guide, which will grab most users to your blog. Am I An Expert in the niche I chose ?After choosing niche for your blog ask yourself, am I an expert or not ? If you think so you need to get expertise, Highly recommended to do research over internet and find popular blogs related to your niche. Read and understand their way of writings, publications. Gain Expertise in particular field and start your writings on your own blog.

5. Expectations from my blog :

What do you expect from your blog after certain period of time. Just take a note and write your expectations.What is my blog status after 6 months ?
Am I satisfied with my blog status ?
What is my next step if I don’t reach those expectations ?
As I said before don’t just blog for money, If you are smart enough with passion you’ll know what to expect and you’ll strive harder to reach expectations. If your expectations are unrealistic you will definitely get disappointed with your blog results and you will give up blogging. So make sure your expectations are realistic and proceed ahead and lead a shiny blogging career. These questions are must and should be asked by all individual  before starting a new blog. Hope you are with strong answers for all questions listed above. If you are feeling disappointed with your answers and wanting to change or gain confidence, I will give my up to date support through my blogging tutorials follow my tips on blogging and lead a successful blogging career. Spread this word for all newbies in blogging. For more blogging tips hold on here and follow us on Facebook , Twitter,  Add us to your Google+ circle .All the very best from GyrationTech

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