Top five Money making apps for 2016

Smartphones are gradually taking over everything we do manually (making Money as an example). Do you know your phones can be used for more than just making calls, sending texts, posting feeds on Facebook, taking selfie and the likes?  Many people who are aware of other features of android phones are using them to make some extra cash especially in the current economic recession in (Nigeria). If you have been following this blog, then you must have come across some money making apps that I’ve been posting on GyrationTech. I have decided to make a small list of Apps that can be used to generate extra cash.

Top 5 Money Making Applications For 2016

      It is used to buy Airtime for any network in Nigeria. Currently, there is a referral program on zoto where you earn N1000 whenever someone registers through you and makes their first successful recharge. You can earn as high as N20000. Aside from the referral program, you also get 50% back on every recharge you make, up to N200.
      Let’s say you start selling your Zoto cash as Airtime to people close to you, or you recharge for others with your card and get 50% back. Imagine you sell N100 and N50 back × 10 people; imagine how much money you will be making by just using your phone wisely. Use CHRISV4 as your referrer when registering so we both get N1000.

    2.   MyLuckyZone

      Using MyLucky Zone app, you earn points by just visiting websites listed on their app. The points can be used to purchase airtime or to bid for products, better still transferred to your account. You need to refer a minimum of 5 people to be able to use your earned points to purchase airtime.

3.    OyaCharge

      Quite similar to Zoto, But with some added features. With OyaCharge you can also purchase data, pay bills, subscribe your decoder. They are also running their referral program, where you earn N100 on completion of first transaction. You might say it is little but imagine referring 100 people, that’s a Whooping N10000 in your account, by just sharing your link and from the comfort of your home.

  OyaCharge- screenshot thumbnail

      Use DAV1279A as your referrer when registering to get your first N100 and start sharing your link to continue earning.

   4.     Champcash
       Imagine getting paid for Installing apps on your mobile. Well, Champcash Pays its users for installing apps from play store. And you also get paid when someone signs up using your referral ID. Download Champcash and sign up.

      Use 9609432 as sponsor id (without a sponsor you won’t get the $1 signup bonus. Click HERE for more about champcash with payment proof.

    5.     Quick Cash 
      You must be fond of spending hours on your mobile device; still you don’t get paid for that? It’s time to change that mindset and devote your time for something more useful. Just like every other making money apps, you get high rewards for each task completed via Quick cash.

 With Quick cash, you earn extra bucks on surveys. With Quick cash, you get to make up to $1 every 5mins, isn’t that cool? How many of you make a dollar every min? I advise you not to miss this opportunity as you get focused on TIME VALUE & MONEY.

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  •  Sliide Airtime

      Quite simple and easy to use, you earn airtime by referring users to download and register an account. The advantage of slide airtime over most apps is that you don’t need to make any purchase to earn airtime.

     You can also earn extra airtime by completing tasks on the app. Task like watching videos or downloading videos. You can cash out as low as N50. When registering use davis5nd as your sponsor.

  •  Whatscall App
    It is used to make calls for free to anyone, any part of the world, Provided he/she also uses the app. You also earn points when you refer friends to download and register an account.
      WhatsCall - Free Global Calls- screenshot thumbnail

    The points you earn can be used to call friends who are not using the app, you will be billed from your earned bonus. Doesn’t really pay in cash. but it saves money for its users.

    That’s all for now on the make money apps. Keep tuned for more on how to make easy money online.  

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