Update: You can now stream Whatsapp Videos Before Downloading to your device

Usually, when someone sends or shares a video to you on whatsapp, you will need to download it first before you can be able to watch the video, which sometimes we might not be able to download it, due to lack of storage space or stuffs.

WhatsApp is currently working on new update that will allow users to stream/watch video without necessarily downloading it.

This feature is already available on WhatsApp beta version 2.16.365. Instead of a download button, you see a play button. When you tap the button, the video will start buffering, and you will be able to watch the video while it is being downloaded on your phone. This video buffering feature is the same thing you see when watching videos online like on YouTube.
Currently, WhatsApp video streaming is only available on the Beta version which you can download from Playstore.

Hopefully, in no distant time, this feature
should be rolled out on the regular Whatsapp so that everyone can enjoy.

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