WhatsApp For Android Image Quality Features Under-works

As expected, another update on WhatsApp will soon roll out as its currently under development, and this has to do with users being able to send images and videos with the best quality.

In the latest version of WhatsApp beta v2.21.14.16 for Android, they are now testing three new quality settings when sending images.

Left: Current WhatsApp settings. Right: New photo quality settings, alongside options for videos.

In the update, WhatsApp is testing new options in the Storage and data menu, under a new setting called Photo upload quality. There are three new options:

Auto (recommended): WhatsApp detects what is the best compression algorithm for specific images.

Best quality: WhatsApp will send the image using the best quality available

Data saver: WhatsApp will use compression algorithms that will send images faster, but with much lesser quality.

If and when both options are made accessible to actual users, you’ll be able to change how images and videos are sent under the “Media upload quality” section in “Storage and data.” Currently, that section doesn’t exist in any available version of WhatsApp.

No information yet on when it will roll out.


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