WhatsApp Revoke Feature Now Available – Unsend unintended Messages

If you have been sending messages to unintended recipients on WhatsApp and having awkward apology sessions thereafter, this piece of information will cheer you up. After working on the feature for quite some time, the message revoke or delete message for everyone is finally out of beta, and being rolled out to iOS users.

Starting today, WhatsApp is slowly rolling out the revoke feature for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users. As WABetainfo.com notes, the feature allows you to delete messages in private chats or group conversations. The caveat here is that both the sender and receiver need to be on the latest WhatsApp version.

As is the case with a lot of new WhatsApp features, the revoke feature is also being rolled out gradually and you may not immediately get the prompt for the update. The feature applies to text messages, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, contact cards, files, locations, quoted messages, status replies, and stickers (a new feature expected to be rolled out soon)

How Revoke feature works
✔ When you delete the unintended message, WhatsApp sends a fake copy of the message to the recipient. When the recipient receives that copy, their device won’t show the notification, nor will it save it in his chat history, but it will check if there is the ID of the message in WhatsApp’s database, locate it, and correctly revoke it.

✔ The revoked or recalled messages will also be deleted in the notifications center on iOS. On Android, this message will be replaced with “This message was deleted for everyone”. For quoted messages, WhatsApp is currently not recalling the message that is contained in a quoted reply. Broadcast List also does not support message revoking ability. WhatsApp for Symbian also does not support the feature.

✔ One of the most important things to note here is that you can only use ‘Revoke’ feature within seven minutes of sending an unintended message. Now this could be a little tricky given how millions of conversations are happening on the platform every minute and in group conversations, it is highly unlikely of members not seeing the unintended message almost as soon as it is sent. Secondly, WhatsApp will not show you the notification for message revoke. On Android, “This message was deleted for everyone” will be the only indication.

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