Wi-Fi connection problems on android – How to solve them

You will agree with me that Android Phones are one of the most widely used devices worldwide, because of its relatively cheap nature and amazing design and features. Aside all the good features found on Android device, there are also some major smartphone issues that occur mostly on the platform. Wi-fi connectivity issue is one of such issues. 
how to solve wifi disconnection problems on andriod

If you experience such issue, then you need not worry again we’ve compiled some possible solutions to fix any wifi connectivity issue on Android.
First of all It’s always good to get the basics out of the way first. There’s no point going troubleshooting if a simple reboot fixes the issue, so try these first even if you don’t think it will fix anything.

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Method 1
1. Reboot your router and try reconnecting to Wi-Fi from your phone.

2. Reboot your phone and try reconnecting to Wi-Fi.

3. Verify Wi-Fi by connecting with another device.


1. Select Wi-Fi from the Quick Settings drop down on the home page.

2. Select Forget and then reconnect

Method 2
If the method above didn’t prove useful, Try manually setting the frequency. To do this;
1. Access the Wi-Fi menu from Settings then select the three dots in the top right.

2. Select Advanced, then Wi-Fi frequency band. It should be set to Automatic.

3. Manually select the frequency used by your router.

4. Try to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

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Method 3
If none of those steps work, you may want to try resetting all connection from your phone. This will also reset your cell connection and Bluetooth settings so use at your own risk.

1. Navigate to Settings then Backup and reset.

2. Select Network settings reset and then Reset settings.

3. Once the reset is complete, attempt to reconnect to Wi-Fi.

Try out any of the methods listed above to solve any Wi-Fi related issue, one must surely work out for you. Hope you find this post helpful. 

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