Wristband that lets you send text messages via Human THOUGHTs could be available by 2018

A New York start-up has made unimaginable brainwave-perusing innovation that it expectations will move toward becoming standard by 2020.

An organization called Ctrl-Labs intends to add to this mechanical unevenness by making a wristband that gives you a chance to send instant messages and messages utilizing only your contemplations, and it could be accessible when one year from now.

 The technology is capable of generating text by picking up signals a person’s brain sends to their fingers, meaning you can “type” without touching a keyboard.
Though, The technology is already being used to train patients to use a virtual hand before receiving hand transplants from donors, the post claims.

 It will also amaze you to know that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and Elon Musk,  Tesla and Space X billionaire are investing hundreds of millions in research on mind-reading technology.

A cryptic division at Facebook’s base camp are as of now trying different things with the innovation that can “speak with the speed and adaptability of voice and the security of content,” a representative uncovered not long ago.

Elon Musk promises to discharge a gadget which connects people’s brains to PCs inside four years.

The rate at which new technologies are being invented makes one wonder how life would be 20 years from now. Meanwhile, this is a nice initiative, lets wait and see what such technology have in store for humans

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