You Can Now Create Your Own Stickers on WhatsApp Web

If you are part of those using WhatsApp web, then you are going to love this update that allows you to create your custom stickers; it lets you turn ordinary images from your computer into stickers that can be sent via the messaging service.

You no longer need to rely on third-party stickers, just stick around and create your stickers the easy way. You can upload a custom image for editing,  add emoji or text, crop pictures, cut out backgrounds and even slap existing WhatsApp stickers on top.

How it Works

Click the paperclip (attachments) icon, select Sticker, and then pick an image to upload. Once uploaded, images can be edited to turn them into the perfect sticker.

An outline can be drawn around a picture’s subject to cut out the background, and images can also be cropped (though always in a square aspect ratio). Emoji, text, and additional WhatsApp stickers can also be layered on top of your sticker creations.

This tool won’t help much if you mostly chat on mobile, where apps already exist to produce WhatsApp stickers.

The new feature is also coming to its Desktop apps in the coming weeks.

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