You Have Just 10 Days to Downgrade From Windows 11

Windows 11 began rolling out last month and a lot of users have already migrated their windows to 11. However, if you are part of the significant few who don’t like Windows 11, you have just 10 days to migrate back to windows 10 from the days of installation.

Those who decide to revert will be forced to move to Windows 11 by 2025 when Microsoft drops support for Windows 10.

Microsoft promised that if you decide to go back to Windows 10, all your files and information will automatically be migrated.

How to Downgrade to Windows 10

To downgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 11, open Settings, click System, and then Recovery.

Under the Recovery menu, there should be a button labeled Go back.

If the option to roll back is not available, your only option would be to reinstall Windows 10 — in which case all your files and installed applications will be deleted.

Windows 11 offers several enhancements over its predecessor, including faster performance, better multitasking capabilities, and a revamped design.

If you are still on Windows 10 and wish to migrate to the latest windows, you can freely do so now before the free upgrade windows close. Let us know in the comment if you are currently loving the latest windows.

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